Audiences, Participants & Facilitators LOVED ‘A Little Panto By The Sea’!​

Panto in the Sun! Oh My! What a wonderful way to spend a sunny afternoon in Folkestone.. shouting and singing on the confident and hilariously entertaining instruction of local children, who were clearly also having the time of their lives. I really hope that the organisers will soon run further workshops so I can encourage other friends’ children to join in. I will also definitely attend their future shows. Great Stuff!

Lucy Thane, Audience Member

This was great to watch: young people energised and enjoying performance… The theme – pollution – with real relevance for Folkestone.  The crowd loved it – not surprisingly!

Promises of much more to come from the Folkestone Performing Arts Centre.

Jon O’Connor, Audience Member

It was great fun to play with the audiences as the Fairy.  I loved the role and thought the message of recycling and not throwing our rubbish in the bins – where the seagulls make a mess – and bringing it home was a good one.

Eleanor, 10.

I feel privileged and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the beginnings of bigger things to come for Folkestone.  Matthew Hahn & collaborators successfully brought devising, costume, prop and mask making together to create a fun new variation on the traditional Christmas panto – namely the Summer guerilla panto!

Rebecca Bogue, Facilitator

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