I feel privileged and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the beginnings of bigger things to come for Folkestone.
Rebecca Bogue, Facilitator

About the Folkestone Performing Arts Centre [FPAC]

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The Folkestone Performing Arts Centre [FPAC], in residency at the Sunflower House in Folkestone, is the only small, independently run venue primarily dedicated to making space for performing artists [professional & non-professional theatre-makers, dancers, musicians, etc] to investigate their craft, train, create new work and showcase it to audiences in southeast Kent. It is also a vibrant hub at the heart of our community that inspires locals of all ages to take creative risks to shape the future and stir social change.

Our Mission

To deliver a platform for first-class performing arts, education, professional development and empowerment skills training to grow the local community.

Our Vision

To be an outstanding arts centre, highly acclaimed by artists and the local community as a centre of artistic excellence and positive social change.

Our Values

Demonstrating passion for the performing arts & positive social change.

Place the success and wellbeing of the local community at the heart of our choices, decisions and priorities.

Respect each other, promote equality, celebrate diversity, encourage environmental responsibilities and break down barriers to success.

Act responsibly, with honesty, integrity and openness, safeguarding the future health and success of our organisation.


Matthew Hahn is the artistic director of the Folkestone Performing Arts Centre. For more information about his professional work, please visit www.MatthewHahn.org.uk.

Enjoy a selection of photos from our #FolkestonePlasticsProject!