What’s Going On

Successful First Session of the FPAC Ensemble!

Six theatre-makers gathered from around South East Kent at the Glassworks, Quarterhouse, Folkestone on Tuesday 7 June and started to find out if we can gel as an ensemble.  Through a Viewpoints workshop led by Matthew Hahn, we knocked the rust and dust off from two + years of not working in the same room with other theatre-makers. We will continue the ensemble training through to the middle of July and then, from September, we will start to create some theatre!

So, stay tuned & wish us luck!


Successful First Session of the FPAC Community Theatre Group!

On Saturday 23 April, a group of 15 gathered at the Sunflower House for the first session of the FPAC Community Theatre Group.

The goal of these regular sessions is to create a local community theatre group that has a common interest in exploring theatre regardless of the participants’ experience and training.  The sessions are led by theatre director Zohreh Heath with support from Matthew Hahn.

At the recent auditions, we were so impressed by the attitude and excitement for having a local community theatre group from participants in the recent auditions that we want to make space for such a group to grow and learn from each other alongside the smaller professional ensemble.  Once both groups are established, we envision that the community theatre group may feed into the ensemble. 

We would also be very keen to open it up to others who share this common interest, so please do get in touch [folkestonepac@gmail.com] if you fancy coming along to a session.

We are gearing up for the new year with training opportunities for actors in January, a new playwrighting group in February and a call out for Folkestone-based actors to participate in a workshop in March. 

For the latest information, please follow us on Twitter: @FolkPAC.